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Hermann Lederle / Artist

hermann lederle

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Lederle's paintings capture how it feels to see in the modern world. Waterlilies are replaced with welcome screens and rolling sunsets with flashing advertisements. But there is a beauty to this contemporary image of seeing.

The German painter, who now resides in Los Angeles, gives impressionism a contemporary inflection. Where before wispy brushstrokes and springtime hues ruled, Lederle works in the colors and shapes of our time. His paintings have an edge to them and an electric energy pulsing throughout. Lederle creates his 3-D effect by first painting with a traditional brush and then reworking it with a painter's knife, giving the paint a contradictory texture.

Hermann Lederle has pursued various forms and mediums of the arts. After attending Karl Friedrich School for humanist and classic studies, Hermann re-directed his career path. His early experiments in photography taught him a new sense of beauty and atmosphere and inspired him to further his education in painting, photography and filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute.

There, Hermann established his own visual language to express his multiple ideas and passion through the lens, on canvas and on the screen.

Over the last years Lederle's paintings continued to evolve with dense color expanses woven into heavily textured line structures. The latest series entails a two stage process, where at first a graduated color is applied with a tractional brush allowing for the distinct qualities of its stroke to emerge. The second stage is executed with a painter's knife often with ostensibly contradictory linear shapes and lines, imbuing it with the properties of rival perceptions taking place within the canvases.

His works of art have been exhibited in various galleries in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Germany, Canada, Hungary and France. Hermann's paintings are in private collections of the Friedman Guinness Gallery Heidelberg Germany, Court Gallery New York, Lawson Galleries San Francisco, Media Rare Gallery Los Angeles and in the homes of Ringo Starr, Eric Stolz, Cal Zecca, Gabor Csupo. Hermann Lederle currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Recent exhibitions have taken place at Silverman Studio Hollywood 2017, Vertiva Stuttgart 2015, Arthea Galerie Mannheim 2015 and Frank Pictures Gallery Santa Monica 2012.

HPH Galerie - Echterdingen, Germany 2017
Vertiva - Stuttgart 2015
Arthea Galerie - Mannheim 2015
Arthea Galerie Art KA 2014 - Germany
Frank Pictures Gallery Bergamot Station - Santa Monica 2012
Alicia Armstrong Gallery - Palm Desert Feb 2011
Copal Fine Art Gallery - Palm Desert 2010
Frank Pictures Gallery Bergamot Station - Santa Monica 2005
Solaris Gallery - Los Angeles 2005
Black Box - Los Angeles 2003
Media Rare Gallery - Los Angeles 2001
Paris Photo Lab - Los Angeles 2001
Orson Studio - Los Angeles 1999
Café American - San Francisco 1987
Alte Gutselfabrik - Frankenthal.Germany 1987
Lawson Galleries - San Francisco 1986
The Court Gallery - New York 1986

Leinfelden-Echterdingen City Hall - Germany 2018
Release und Kunst Stuttgart 2018
HPH Galerie - Echterdingen, Germany 2018
Bege Galerie 'HPH Serigraphs' - Ulm, Germany 2018
Apparent Opposites - Hollywood 2017
Flower Hewes - Malibu 2015
Art Karlsruhe 2013 - Germany
Arthea Galerie - Mannheim 2013
gGallery LA - Santa Monica 2012
Copal Fine Art - Palm Desert 2010
M.V.P.A. - Los Angeles 2002
ConTempory WelFare - Los Angeles 2001
Schroeck-Schmidt Gallery - Neckargemuend.Germany 2000
Seed Foundation House Of Blues - Los Angeles 1999
Friedman Guinness Gallery - Heidelberg.Germany 1991
Ivey Gallery - Los Angeles 1989
Emerging Collectors Gallery - Paris.France 1987
Emerging Collectors Gallery - New York 1987
Contemporary Museum Gallery - Budapest.Hungary 1986
International Art Fair - Montreal.Canada 1986
Diego Rivera Gallery - San Francisco 1984
Goodman Gallery - San Francisco 1983
Diego Rivera Gallery - San Francisco 1982

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Huffington Post - April 16, 2012 'Footprints on Snow'
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DSV Kunstkontor

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