Kenya Africa Clean Water Kisumu 2


Kisumu: RainCatcher and the Broccoli Foundation bringing clean water to school

Kisumu School Children, Kenya

"Everybody wanted to drink the water. And we let them drink the water. In Fact, the kids are even more appreciative than us. Because the water they were carrying, was not very clean. Now they can access clean water they were not used to. And we believe it is going to be very plenty, because it is raining and our tank will be full."

List of Schools with rainwater harvesting system installed:

Wachara Primary School
GPS: S 0 3.2295 E34 41.18202
Thim Bonde Primary School
GPS: S 0 1.0164 E 34 41.06461
Bar Ogwal Primary School
GPS: S 0 2.6217 E 34 45.15495
Upper Hill Academy
GPS: S 0 2.189 E 34 44.97528
Sinyolo Primary School
GPS: S 0 1.96868 E 34 40.05318

Nawa Primary School
GPS: S 0 5.2975 E 34 42.6847
Gongo Primary School
GPS: S 0 8.4983 E 34 36.46568
Kirembe School
GPS: S 0 4.93918 E 34 43.30536
Nyang'inja Mbiriizi School
GPS: S 0 7.66538 E 34 37.52243
Ogada School
GPS: S 0 1.9876 E 34 43.11104

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