Silverman Productions, in partnership with Kimball Entertainment, is presenting an intimate art exhibition showcasing the creative works of three uniquely distinguished LA artists Hermann Lederle, Jay Silverman and Cora Silverman.

We are delighted to welcome you as private guest to a unique art installation – you can expect a provocative selection of contemporary art, including mixed media, photography, astute illustrative sketches and live music by composer Dave Holden.

Apparent Opposites - Art exhibition showcasing the creative works of three uniquely distinguished LA artists Hermann Lederle, Jay Silverman and Cora Silverman

The artists share a common passion for the Lipstick Angels Charity and will be donating 50% of the proceeds to the charity.
Lipstick Angels’ mission is to provide nurturing beauty support services to restore and strengthen the dignity, hope and self-esteem of cancer patients.

Thursday, March 30, 2017
6:00-9:00 pm

Silverman Productions Studio
1541 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

complimentary valet parking

HERMANN LEDERLE’S “Adaptation,” 2015

 James Scarborough
 Art, theatre, and film critic

This essay will accompany an exhibition of the artist’s work next month at Arthea Gallery, Mannheim, Germany.

Hermann Lederle’s “Adaptation,” 2015, is massive. Measuring five and a half feet by ten feet, this totemic monument doesn’t just envelop you, it anchors you to the ground. Reminiscent of partially open Levelor blinds, a network of dense and narrow vertical bands sweep across the canvas. There’s more weight at the center; this makes the surface quiver and shimmer, like water burbling over an outcropping of coral just beneath the surface of a roiling sea. Without fully revealing it, the piece suggests an expanse of pictorial depth. It accommodates something that is turbulent and veiled, expressionistic and controlled. This balance suggests a mystery, a conundrum, a koan.

adaptation 2015 by hermann lederle

You read it up and down, down and up, systematically working your way across. A crescendo from left to right, a climax at the middle, and then a denouement until the right edge. Structurally it’s the painterly equivalent of Guillaume Apollinaire’s pictorial poem, “Il Pleut,” from his 1918 book, Calligrammes. The lines of the poem are vertical, to simulate falling rain that evokes memories of women in the poet’s life.
The piece began with marks on the canvas. His signature, in the lower right corner; Japanese words near the left edge, vertically arrayed, that correspond to young Japanese daughters and an ambiguous amalgamation of a term that suggests Japanese trust fund sons and Goths. Given the piece’s up and down rhythm, it invites a comparison to the fair Juliet above on her balcony being courted by her swain Romeo down below. Those vertical bands consist of the vivid and expressionistic decades-old paintings that Lederle has painstakingly hand-cut and then collaged onto the canvas, leaving just enough space so that the original marks show through as interstices of the canvas. Punctuated with a stop and go rhythm, the work reigns in the artist’s prior spontaneous flourishes. Each scrimmed line brims with its own gravity. Overall it packs a powerful existential wallop. As such, it makes you wonder what Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings would have looked like if he had worked off of an easel.
An inspired piece, the work lays bare the source of artistic inspiration. The work corrals something prior and powerful, something that had once been deeply felt and is now remembered. It doesn’t push this feeling into the background; it leavens it with the consolation of memory. The work waxes humorous, a literal application of the way an artist’s new painting builds on what went before. Adaptation looks backward to move forward. Besides the emotion, besides the humor, the work feels wise: the product of adapting to things pictorial and, thus, personal with the perspective of age.
By James Scarborough


Hermann Lederle Book 2009 on Amazon

Hermann Lederle: Painting | Large Format Hardcover – 2009

Oil paintings by artist Hermann Lederle of selected works from 2000 to 2008. The new canvases depict iconic images layered with contemporary phrases and slogans in abstract painterly compositions. The use of a cold wax medium mixed with the oils creates a rich and textured surface of subtle color nuances.

Link: Hermann Lederle Painting on Amazon

FRANK+FORD aesthetic consultants

Staged home by Frank+Ford aesthetic consultants.

This film features a staged home with many of Frank Pictures Gallery’s artist in a gorgeous spec house. Artist shown in the film include: Horace Bristol, Robert Strivers, Tom Benedek, Malone Mills, Rhea Carmi, Francisco Larios Osuna, Hermann Lederle, Lizzie Lennard, Cindy Bennett, Peter Tunney, and Paula Rae Gibson.

RAINCATCHER School Children of Kisumu II

Published on Jun 19, 2013

A video about RainCatcher together with the Broccoli Foundation bringing clean water to the school children in Kisumu, Kenya.

“Everybody wanted to drink the water. And we let them drink the water.
In Fact, the kids are even more appreciative than us. Because the water they were carrying, was not very clean. Now they can access clean water they were not used to. And we believe it is going to be very plenty, because it is raining and our tank will be full.”