Lederle's work is a combustion of force
It captures how it feels to see
Cubism for the digital age


Adaptation Cielo West

Hermann Lederle’s work is a combustion of personal force and integrity translated into layers of rich, deep and unexpected shapes and colors.

Lederle’s paintings capture how it feels to see in the modern world. Waterlilies are replaced with welcome screens and rolling sunsets with flashing advertisements. But there is a beauty to this contemporary image of seeing…



Art Karlsruhe Exhibition 2013 by Hermann Lederle

Lederle’s works have been exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Germany and France.

Recent exhibitions have taken place at Vertiva Stuttgart 2015, Arthea Galerie Mannheim 2015 and Frank Pictures Gallery Santa Monica 2012.



Video by Hermann Lederle

A journal of video clips by Lederle and others about arts and humanity.



Hermann Lederle

Hermann Lederle believes in cultivating craft; lots of them. The word “painter” does not adequately decribe this native of Germany, whose work spans a number of genres. His apprenticeship was done at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he studied film and painting, the first artistic bow in his quiver. He painted in SoHo, at the height of its 80s glory, and when that world lost its edge, came west and found work as a production designer and director. At Lederle’s Studio space in Hollywood, canvas, keyboard and printer are all within reach. Lederle’s artbullet.com site gives an idea of how this Glocal (globally-local) multi-mediast samples himself, creating collages of commercials, short films, painting and (a)tonal compositions.