°Painting Series

'Imagine Claude Monet's pastel Poplars... if Monet was working 100 years later and spent a lot of time on the internet... and you get somewhere close to the work of Hermann Lederle.'
Huffington Post

"Lederle’s work has a 3-D, almost architectural reality," says gallerist Laurie Frank, "achieved without employing geometry."
Laurie Frank, Los Angeles

"The work corrals something prior and powerful, something that had once been deeply felt and is now remembered."
James Scarborough

°Paper Series

'Lederle evolves the history of his art: the charcoal life drawings of his years at the San Francisco Art Institute, their transformation into oil stick paintings, that literally trap his expressionistic figures.'
Laurie Frank, Los Angeles

'Lederle’s work, too, falls within the ambit of modern expressionism in that it demonstrates, to a certain degree, the failure of traditional symbols to move us and the need to galvanize them with a shot of heroic energy.'
James Scarborough, San Francisco

'Figures or shapes disguised within the painting are not at first apparent, but once seen cannot be unseen.'
Mia Taylor, Los Angeles

video by frank+ford aesthetic

This film features a gorgeous home with many of Frank Pictures Gallery's artist including Lederle's work.

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Nonprofits & Activism
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°Aqua Fiji Photographs

"All of it so clearly … I can see and hear the singing waves … the dancing trees … the fishes which swim under the ocean … and so much more … I see it all!"
Marian - hellopoetry.com